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東京で食う飲む!Restaurant or Bar around Tokyo and Far East. There is a great diversity of food and culture in Japan. You will enjoy the huge range style of food from very local Japanese food to a lot of foreign foods. I hope you will find and feel the diversity of foods in Japan.

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The food in Japan will be difficult to understand. There are a lot of blog about the culture or food in Tokyo. But we can rarely find the articles written in English by Japanese. As a Japanese who live in Japan for more than 30 years and travelled around the world in thirty countries for less than one year totally, I am writing about Japan.

As there are huge variety of the food in the world, the food in Japan has great diversity inside it. My friend, who is a chef of Japanese food restaurant, told me: “The Japanese food had not presented the complete form yet. The French or Italian food have been formed the developed style in their country. The Japanese food is now rapidly developing as the Japanese culture. The Japanese chefs should develop their local food harmonised with cooking technique which are introduced from abroad“.

As Michael Booth who wrote “Sushi & Beyond: What the Japanese Know About Cooking”, it will be nice idea that you will visit the traditional and very Japanese food restaurant. But that will give you the view of a surface of our foods (I thought that is the very snob and posh experience he had). He has very interesting experience in Japan but has never come out from the frame of preconception about the Japanese food.

There is several way you can go beyond the preconception which foreigner will have in their brain. I recommend you once to visit the some restaurant which served the dishes you feel familiar to.

There is an Italian food chain named as Saizeriya (the young call those “Saize”). I was very surprised at one Italian lady who had lunch at this restaurant chain. “Saize” cost you very reasonable price (very cheap) and served appropriate foods to the price.

In Tokyo, you will find a lot of flags which the restaurants are flying (Though I have never seen the flags from USA, UK or mainland of China). A lot of foreign foods were introduced from each restaurant. If you will find the flag which is your country in front of some restaurant, I recommend you to have several dishes at that restaurant. You will find what we, Japanese found and feel from the essence of your country foods.

Japan is also a rare country which has highly developed in the fast food customs. The word of fast food is typically meaning the hamburger in USA. Once saying "fast food", we image about the MacDonald hamburger chain in the world. But moving our eyes to Japan, we can find the diversity of the fast foods in Japan including Ten-don, Ramen, Soba noodle, Udon noodle, gyu-don or Sushi and Italian, Japanese western style food or Curry rice (similar to British style). The Ramen is just like a fish and chips in UK and crepe from Normandy or baquet sandwich in France. The Ramen is one of fast foods on standing by the counter. The Japan originated fast foods were established in Edo era, 300 years ago. Please find what your favourite fast food is in Japan.

I hope the foreigners visiting us can find and feel the diversity of foods in Japan.
If you need any assistance or advice, please contace me via the comment space.

Lim Ken

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