Eat, Drink, Sleep @Tokyo, Now in Nagasaki

東京で食う飲む!Restaurant or Bar around Tokyo and Far East. There is a great diversity of food and culture in Japan. You will enjoy the huge range style of food from very local Japanese food to a lot of foreign foods. I hope you will find and feel the diversity of foods in Japan.


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The Bar culture in Japan had be matured in classical technique, skill and selection of the liquor. The Bartenders in Japan had well researched the mixture, technique for the cocktail. The Bar culture will be different from other countries. I would like to introduced as Tokyo style Bar culture on this blog.

The counter at Bar Kakinuma, Kagurazaka
Bars in Tokyo
Bar Kakinuma, Kagurazaka [Bar] Kagurazaka, Shinjuku

Sanlucal bar, Kagurazaka [Bar] Kagurazaka, Shinjuku

Main Bar, Hibiya [Bar] Tokyo Kaikan, Fukoku building, Hibiya

Bar Highlander, Akasaka [Hotel Bar] Hotel Okura Tokyo.

Bar Nonnon, Ochanomizu [Hotel Bar] Hill top Hotel

Recommendation from Paris.
Le Sherry Butt, Paris

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